Trail Running Inspires More And More Runners

Trail Running

Everyone is talking about trail running because many runners are looking for a new challenge. After all, jogging on the street becomes a bit monotonous over time. Those who like to run and love variety will find their fulfilment in trail running as it is taken into nature, away from the paved roads and purely on undiscovered paths. Therefore, trail running demands a lot more power of a body but it brings a lot of fun also.

A Lot of Variety

The terrain is much more varied when off the road. The different ground conditions suddenly turn the usual running session into a full-body workout. Away from marked trails, the soil conditions change continuously. Accordingly, the runner must regularly readjust his movements and adapt them to the nature of the ground. At the same time, the trail runner must be focused and distraction is not required here, otherwise every step could lead to an injury. The general safety on a flat and straight road has disappeared in one fell swoop. It is important to concentrate and adjust to the circumstances but that’s the way how stress goes away. Disturbing thoughts disappear when you have to pursue your goal with high concentration. The price of the effort is a completely relaxed bodybecause trail running trains not only the entire musculoskeletal system, but also improves the  ability to react. Over time, the body adapts to the increased demands and learns to deal with it. It also trains muscles that otherwise cannot be used or trained while running. This whole-body workout helps to avoid or prevent injuries.

Four Different Types of Training

Anyone who is interested in trail running now has four different optiones. With cross running, you start your training on your doorstep and run into nature. This type has been a popular alternative for many joggers. The equipment you need for this differs somewhat from conventional jogger equipment. Shoes with excellent cushioning are particularly important. This training is well-suited for beginners and advanced joggers. The cross adventure, however, is only for advanced runners with appropriate experience and better physical form, because this training takes a place primarily in alpine terrain. The runner has to overcome numerous challenges. Whether steep uphill or downhill gradients, trees, fallen branches or streams can be a challenge for the runner, as a result, the shoes must have a strong profile and ensure stability.

Four Different Types of Training
Four Different Types of Training

The perfect mix of all of these is cross trail. This original form of trail running follows the paths of nature. The required equipment for this is also a compromise between stability and cushioning. Even beginners can handle this before they set out for more difficult tasks. If you prefer more speed in your training, you should rely on cross speed. It’s all about speed and getting there as quickly as possible. Therefore, especially professionals should practice this sport because the risk of injury increases with cross speed. The shoes should fit accurately and be as light as possible without the runner having to sacrifice stability. If you want to try it out, we guarantee you have a lot of fun.