Three Easy Tips to Get Started with Running

Perhaps you are a lapsed runner or just taking the sport up for the very first time, whichever is the case this blog dispenses three great tips to help you start. But the first thing to remember when taking up any exercise is to first get medical advice from your doctor, go for a fitness check then start your new regime slowly.

Try a Run / Walk Program

Never be afraid to walk during your running if you feel the need to do so, it is not giving up it is simply a sign from your body that something is wrong, and you need to rest. To get to a level where you do not need to walk in your running will take time, so accept this and move on.

Finishing a marathon without walking is a wonderful achievement, but even the most experienced runners have in their time broken their strides to walk. It’s perfectly acceptable during the early days of your running regime to mix in a walk / run program. By doing this you will be able to complete longer distances faster in your training regime, and it will develop the muscles and the body’s cardiovascular system. Adopting a running and walking regime can be great fun as it alleviates some of the boredom that can creep into jogging, keeping an eye on the time intervals and enjoying the change of pace.

Start Slowly

We have already touched on this subject, start your regime slowly. That means your running should be slow and over short distances. And week by week slowly add speed and over longer periods. There is a great rule that can assist in your development, and that is the ten percent rule. The ten percent rule states that you should never increase your mileage by any more than ten percent on the previous week. Even if you feel that you can go an extra couple of miles, resist the temptation and perhaps finish your run with a sprint. Going against this rule is one of the biggest errors a developing runner can make.

Always Be Consistent

When adopting any new plan or strategy it is important that you are consistent, that is consistent in following your plan. If you have dedicated a certain number of days to running, keep to them and don’t drop one when you don’t feel like it.

Be consistent in your times and set realistic targets that are achievable. Remember if you are reaching for the impossible you will fail, there is a certain school of thought that 80% of training runs should be easy enough that you can hold a conversation. Once you have reached your set limit and attained all your training goals then you can step out a little further and actually sign up for a race. A five kilometer fun-run is a good place to start, usually at these type of events nobody is checking times so you can concentrate on your style and breathing without racing against the clock.

After that the world is yours to conquer in terms of running, keep your training up on a regular basis but try to make it as fun as possible. Vary the distance and the terrain, listen to music, join friends in a group to run. All these things will help you to enjoy your exercise more.