The World’s Greatest Marathons – Part 1

To run a marathon itself is a great achievement, it takes months of training, planning and eating the correct diet to undergo such a test of the human body and mind. However, some marathon courses are perceived as superior to others. Perhaps because of location or difficulty, and in this blog, we look at the bucket list of marathons.

Safaricom Marathon – Kenya

This one will just about test everything a marathon runner has got, perhaps worrying if you are going to get eaten by wild animals might help your time, but Safaricom in Kenya is certainly magnificent. The marathon is set in Lewa Wildlife Park and attracts nearly twelve hundred runners from all over the world. Running alongside them are all manner of big game wildlife, including lions, rhinos, giraffes and zebras.

As the race progresses there are 140 armed rangers protecting the runners and three helicopters flying high above spotting trouble ahead. The setting is simply stunning, and the runners have an opportunity to raise money for Tusk charity, which was founded to help conservation projects and to educate people about African wildlife.

Le Marathon du Medoc – Medoc

Le Marathon du Medoc – Medoc

Only in France could such a race take place, Le Marathon du Medoc takes place in the heart of the French wine country of Medoc. Runners can take advantage at aid stations to take on water, foods and believe it or not wine. To be honest this run is more of a fun occasion than a real marathon. However, it is a proper course over the required distance.

Tromso Midnight Sun Marathon – Tromso

Most people have heard of Tromso in Norway as being one of the best places on the planet to witness the spectacular Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, and for a whole two months from May to July the sun never sets. The marathon starts at 8.30 pm and finishes around midnight for most runners, the backdrop is superb featuring the Arctic Cathedral and the Bridge of Tromso highlighted against a background of the brooding mountains. This marathon is unique in that it is run at night but still it looks like daylight, a definite for our Bucket List.

New York City Marathon – New York

The granddaddy of all marathons is New York, where runners have an opportunity to take their bit of the Big Apple. The route takes on board the most iconic skyscrapers and bridges in the world and the marathon is regarded as one of the majors around the globe. Thousands of runners apply to run at New York every year and it is a deathly serious affair, with athletes competing at their highest. Starting at Staten Island, the marathon weaves its way through the four other boroughs of New York, Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. The finish line just has to be at Central Park, where else? And the famous green lung of the city plays host to emotional runners completing a classic race, then relaxing on the grass taking in what has just occurred.

Central Park is our resting place for now until we take up the baton for our second part of the world’s greatest marathons. In part two we will be traveling to China, Greece and Japan for even more exciting runs.