Running With Asthma – A Guide to Breathing Right


If you’re someone who has asthma, then you’re probably in need of knowing how to breathe the right way, especially if you starting a running regime. It is possible to breathe correctly while running with asthma, and it is easy to remember and memorize. Hundreds of Olympic athletes have asthma, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed. Suffering from asthma will test your diligence. Learning the right way to breathe when you are running is a practice that you will perfect with time. Whether you suffer from asthma or no, everyone who takes up running needs to improve their breathing pattern. Therefore, you can take comfort that you will easily blend in with other beginners when you start off.

Integrate An Effective Warm-Up

Before you go on a run, make sure you warm yourself up. It’s even more critical if you have asthma. There’s a myth that you’ll be saving your lung capacity if you don’t warm yourself up before going on a run. The myth is entirely false, and it’s the complete opposite. If you integrate an adequate warm-up, then you’ll be able to manage your asthma better when you go on a run. It works because you get a refractory period that’s produced by asthma attacks. The period makes it so that your airways won’t go through another attack for the duration of the run.

You may be thinking that triggering a small asthma attack is unnecessary, but it’s worth warming up hard enough to trigger one. The minor asthma attack will cause the refractory period to happen in your airways. The period will help your symptoms go away for a while when you start on your run. An effective warm-up won’t negatively affect your energy, so you shouldn’t be worried. It will help keep you in the right form when you’re running. Having the correct form will help you store energy for later use. Only stretching without moving much won’t work well, so you have to shift your mentality when you warm yourself up.

Go Indoors To Train

It isn’t as harsh running while indoors than it is running while outdoors, which is mostly the case when it’s the season of pollen being everywhere. If you can fit some working out time indoors into your plan, then you should do it. You don’t have to only run on a treadmill as an indoor workout. Check around your area for a track that’s indoors. An indoor track is an excellent place where you can practice a variety of exercises. Something that will help you out if you have asthma is treadmills. You don’t have to work out for long if you use a treadmill. They are an excellent way to practice your speed and running technique efficiently. Integrating a single session of working out indoors into your schedule will help your asthma stay dormant. But if you’re someone who wants to be outdoors, then you can wear a mask that blocks pollen when you’re running outdoors.

Breathe The Right Way

Knowing how to breathe the right way when you’re running is vital whether you have asthma or not. It would be a waste to follow the previous tips, but you don’t know how to breathe the proper way. You may not realize that breathing is a sort of technique that you have to practice. Try to consciously breathe when you run since being aware of your breath will help you realize when you’re about to have an asthma attack. Remind yourself that the symptoms may be worsened if you don’t breathe properly while running.

Breathe The Right Way
Breathe The Right Way