Running for New Mums

Running is a favorite way to get fit and work out. It is also an excellent opportunity to take in your surroundings and socialize with people. Not only is running a good habit to keep, but it also helps you stay fit and burn off any extra carbohydrates that your body may have in store. One of the most asked questions by mothers is when they can and are allowed to begin running. Although you may see many mothers who are in their second trimester running and some who even run with a pram, it is essential that you take your time and do the correct research.

1.Time to Heal

Although it is entirely rational to not feel like yourself after you have given birth, it is essential that you also make sure that you take the time necessary and then some to heal completely. You may think that it is nothing serious and that you will recover quickly, you are wrong. It is vital that you know that your body has just undergone significant trauma or even surgery. Before you do anything ensure that you find a second opinion from your doctor about your exercising and the amount of time that you should take off to heal your body.

The process of getting back into shape is not an easy one; neither is it fast. However, the rates in progress depend entirely on you, like the recovery time for pregnancy and birth. There may be extraordinary risks in not healing correctly and exercising, and exercising may cause any stitches to rip or injure your organs. To avoid such a painful experience rest of at least four months is suggested.

2. Beginning Your Workout

The number one aspect you should take into consideration before starting your workout routine is the delivery method that you underwent. If it’s a vaginal birthing, you should still be able to walk around the hospital freely. However, if you have had a C section, things can get trickier and more painful. You may need to be assisted in trying to get up by a nurse a couple of times during your hospital stay.

3. Natural Delivery Workout Allowances

If you have luckily had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, you can begin light jogging at 2-4 weeks. However, if you go further than that or begin earlier, you may cause more harm than good to your body. Checking with your doctor before you start your exercise is crucial, as your doctor’s opinion is your green signal.

4. Cesarean Section Delivery Workout Allowances

Having a C section means that you are expected to take it slowly and take time in your fight to heal. Due to your body being in major surgery, it is essential that you seek a primary opinion from a doctor or nurse in charge. This is important because they will know how long you should take to recover before you resume your exercising routine. The suggested time to recover ranges from 4-6 months, but you may be able to begin light jogging after 6-8 weeks of recovery.