Running as a Way to Raise Money for Charity

Many charities struggle to raise funds for their particular cause, there are just so many charities and deserving causes around. It is a poor indictment of modern society that these noble causes cannot be looked after by states or countries, but often taxes are just not enough. Therefore, it is commonly the average man in the street who has to step up to the plate to assist. The problem is just how do you make the populace cough up money for what is in reality just another charity of the thousands that are out there.

One idea is that you offer a potential benefactor a challenge, you bet them that you can do something that is quite hard and difficult, and they will reward your success. Running is an ideal task for this purpose, benefactors can pay for each mile you run, or if you can complete the course. Running for a cause can really improve lives of people that are less fortunate than you, but as always there are things that must be overcome. For instance, a professional marathon runner would not raise much money just saying they would complete the course, but for somebody who is not really a runner that is a different proposition, there is now a challenge thrown down.

Where to Begin

Firstly, you must have a cause that you believe strongly in, something that you feel passionate about. Large charitable organizations have regular fundraising events, and if that suits your cause then join one of these. The next step is to go into training, attempting to complete a lengthy race is not easy, and if you are being sponsored by the mile then you need to be fit. Set up a training schedule well in time for the race, perhaps gather the assistance of a friend to spur each other on and put the miles in the tank. Change your diet, eat healthily and keep hydrated, these all things a long distance runner has to do to avoid injury.

Try to Reach as Many Sponsors as Possible

If you are trying to raise money for a cause, then raise as much as you possibly can. Make all the hours of hard work training matter. To do this you need as many sponsors as possible to pledge money, so you need to think of spreading your net further than family and friends. Set up an online fundraising page, this can be done with social media, if you have a website even better. This is a tech-savvy way of reaching a larger audience and makes it easier for people to pledge their allegiance. Keep a blog of how your training is going and the obstacles you are overcoming, large charities have pages you can personalize to get money flowing. Send out regular emails and ask friends to repost on Facebook to other groups you are not a member of. You will need to have a short message why you are doing this and who the charity is, get personal about what you are trying to achieve.

Running to raise money for a charity not only benefits the needy, you will have become healthier in the process in body and mind.