How Your Self-Acceptance Plays An Important Part in Running

Out of all the factors that help in improving your running, self-acceptance is at the top of the list. Many people don’t consider this aspect of training and rely on other geeky measures. Self-acceptance is the first step of your improvement. Once you know and accept where you stand as a runner, then only you can think of achieving your goals. Always fooling yourself to make yourself feel better or to hide from the truth can only make the process challenging.

Limitations are not bad

Limitations aren’t in the wrong; every person in the world has his or her weaknesses. Even the best in their fields once started from zero. But not accepting your limitations is the worst thing you can do to yourself as a runner. The initial mental setback of knowing where you stand doesn’t give you any long-lasting guilt. It doesn’t matter where you stand today in your running ability. If you’ve accepted the real limitations, then you have started your journey towards getting better. If you don’t recognise, you can never improve. Self-acceptance is the only way to know your capabilities.

Living in a superficial world

Some athletes who don’t accept themselves and their abilities live their training life on a lie. They assume they’re already capable of achieving bigger targets, which in reality, they are no way near to make. Lying to yourself is never a good thing, but while embarking on a self-improvement journey, it’s the worst thing that you can do. You set higher goals for yourself than what you’re capable of, and when the reality struck, you feel devastated.

A self-destructive perfectionist mindset

Another way in which no accepting your flaws can affect you is that it puts you on a perfectionist mindset. Sometimes, when you skip your training, you can be very hard on yourself and start feeling guilty. People think being hard on yourself is a great thing, but it’s not when you’re living in a superficial world. When you don’t know your actual abilities, you’re bound to disappoint yourself again and again. Disappointment creates a constant struggle inside you. The perfectionist part of your personality is never ready to accept the actual you. So, when you need the maximum help of everyone in your life, you don’t have even your own support.

How to accept yourself

The first step towards accepting yourself is to know the reality. Only when you know what to take, then you can receive it. Initially, it might be challenging to accept the truth, but if you keep reminding yourself of where you stand now, your mind will take the facts. You can do it manually by repeating your level loudly, or you can accept it all at once. The way of receiving depends on your personality. Some running coaches make their students say out loud that they’re not good enough now, but they will be very soon. So, you should accept yourself in your own way. Once you accept yourself, everything becomes more accessible. Drawbacks don’t affect your mind severely. Even if you commit a mistake, you start taking it in your stride and move on. Self-acceptance can help you with every aspect of your life, not just your running.