How to Run Faster – Part 3

Run Faster – Part 3

The concluding part of our blog on how to run faster picks up the pace once again to find ways and means how you can improve your performance as a runner. Already we have looked at areas such as good exercises to develop certain muscle groups, and how to breathe better so more oxygen enters your blood stream. Now it’s time to underline how gym time will benefit your running, and why you should look after  your body in terms of diet and nutrition.

Lift Weights

The idea of hitting the gym and training with weights seems strange to many runners as you do not see many pro runners that have large biceps or overly big thighs. But lifting weights as a runner is completely different than weightlifters would lift weights to train. The idea is to train with light weights and do many repetitions to develop strong but lean muscles. You do not need more than two short sessions in the gym per week, and the extra strength you achieve will assist in increasing your speed.

Look After Your Weight

Obviously if you shed weight (not muscle) then you will be lighter and you can run faster. It is has been estimated for every pound of fat you loose, you can run a mile two seconds faster. This does not mean working your body harder, it is just easier to run faster when you are lighter. If you are considering losing weight it is a good idea to consult a doctor first, as you may not have any weight you can afford to lose.

Looking Ahead

Many runners constantly look around to check the other runners around them, it is also common for runners to look down at their feet while they are running. But do not attempt to do any of these things, as it is a pure waste of time and you will also lose speed. The best technique for running is upright with your eyes firmly fixed on what is ahead. You should be fixing your gaze about fifteen meters in front of you, not only will this put your head in the right position for speed it will keep you concentrating on what you have to achieve.

Look After Your Feet

It is not just your muscles and breathing that will help you run faster, your whole body is involved in the process right from your head down to your toes. A good technique to try and develop is dorsiflextion which is pointing your toes upwards towards the shins. This means that the toes do not hit the ground, and less of the foot takes all the wear and tear. These tips will greatly help you to build up speed as you run, there is not one factor alone that will make you run faster, it is a combination of things you need to do on a regular basis that will push you to the winning line on a regular basis.