How to Run Faster – Part 1

When you look at the world’s great runners past and present, their style and technique makes their running seem almost effortless. And indeed, some people are natural runners, some are suited to running long distances and other for short bursts of incredible fast sprinting.But even the greatest of runners continually put in the hours of training and honing their bodies so they respond as they would want them to. As an amateur runner there are many steps to help you run faster, and burn off the competition, and in this article we reveal all.

Develop Your Technique

No matter what running you are engaged with, the key to any running is proper technique. And for most forms of running this means keeping a relaxed upright stance, and hitting the ground with the middle part of your foot, placed just under your hips. Your arms should be swinging back and forward and not from side to side. Your technique needs constant attention, as it is easy to pick up bad habits over time.

Step Counting

Part of your technique is getting used to your stride turnover, this is the amount of steps you take over a given time. The best runners use around one hundred and eighty steps a minute, the steps are light and fast, and their feet are very close to the ground. You need to develop and find your magic number, this is easy to do just run for a minute count your steps and you have your number. Then concentrate in improving that number.

Employ Interval Training

In this modern day world sometimes it is hard to find the time to train as much as you would want to. Don’t despair as a mixed training regime with periods of high intensity is perfect. These short bursts of exercise are an excellent way to help build up your speed, and they also tend to devour calories.

Don’t Forget to Sprint

No matter what type of running you are training for, practicing your sprinting technique will improve your all over acceleration. That is the reason you often see pros and competition runners practicing sprints before a race. Normally around ten sprints before you compete, and between fifty and two hundred meters will keep you fully toned for the event.

Buy a Treadmill

The treadmill is the perfect way of increasing your leg turnover and thus your speed. Because of the machine’s belt assisting you it makes it easier to run faster. And when you feel like you are ready to increase the pace the power is at your fingertips.

Daily Stretches

You need to maintain flexibility if you wish to run, and the way to do this is by stretching daily. This can easily be done at home, but the best time is before and after you exercise. To improve your strides and speed then concentrate on the hip flexor muscles, as these are crucial for your technique. In part two of this blog we look at other ways to develop speed, and the things that you can do to make you a faster and more competent runner.