Trail Running Inspires More And More Runners

Trail Running

Everyone is talking about trail running because many runners are looking for a new challenge. After all, jogging on the street becomes a bit monotonous over time. Those who like to run and love variety will find their fulfilment in trail running as it is taken into nature, away from the paved roads and purely on undiscovered paths. Therefore,…

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Hydration When Running in The Summer Months

It will be a tough challenge on your body when the conditions are temperate while you are going on a marathon. Even athletes that have been running for years have at least some difficulty. But a more difficult challenge is running during the summer. The summer brings high humidity and temperatures that will take its toll on any marathon…

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How Your Self-Acceptance Plays An Important Part in Running

Out of all the factors that help in improving your running, self-acceptance is at the top of the list. Many people don’t consider this aspect of training and rely on other geeky measures. Self-acceptance is the first step of your improvement. Once you know and accept where you stand as a runner, then only you can think of achieving…

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Why Long-Distance Runners Will Benefit from Short Distance Races

If you prefer running long distances, then racing short distance races should be something you consider. You should see how beneficial it is, even though you might think short distances are too short for you. It is not about the challenge but more about the benefit. It Increases Your Endurance You will help build your endurance by going on…

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Information and Guide For Flat Footed Runners

Footed Runners

About a third of the human population is flat-footed. People with flat feet can still go running, but there are a few things they should know about first. When you go on a run, you’ll have to move your feet while using the muscles in your legs a lot. Someone with flat feet will experience pain when they run,…

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Running With Asthma – A Guide to Breathing Right


If you’re someone who has asthma, then you’re probably in need of knowing how to breathe the right way, especially if you starting a running regime. It is possible to breathe correctly while running with asthma, and it is easy to remember and memorize. Hundreds of Olympic athletes have asthma, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed. Suffering from asthma will…

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How to Run a Distance Relay Race – Part 2

Distance relay races are really one-offs, they are over different lengths and terrains. Legs of the race can be vastly different also, so it is highly important that each of your members have the skills to successfully carry out their own leg of the race. These sort of epic competitions can be over a couple of days or in…

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How to Run a Distance Relay Race – Part 1

Running is normally an individual event when it you against the world, however there is one running discipline that depends on team work. And of course this is relay running which is the event that normally closes the Olympic Games. Relay racing at an occasion like the Olympic Games or the World Championships defines the camaraderie that all runners…

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Running in the Olympics – Part 2

Our second lap around the track to learn all we can about Olympic running events starts with middle distance  running. Olympic Games middle distance running is officially classed as any race that is not a sprint, and is less than three thousand meters in length. At present two Olympic Games events qualify: One thousand five hundred meters. Eight hundred…

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