How to Avoid Injuries When Road Running – Part 1

Most amateur runners go jogging on the streets and roads close to where they live, after all this is probably the most convenient and easy course that is available. And while in some respects road running is the safest way to enjoy your sport, it also can be the most dangerous. Running on the pavement is sometimes frowned upon…

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Getting into Running – Part 2


The second part of how to get into running focuses on your time on the street and the best ways to keep motivated as you progress. By now if you have taken the advice dispensed in our first blog you should be feeling healthier and fitter. Getting Going After all the training and preparation, it is now time to…

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Getting into Running – Part 1

Getting into Running

Whatever the reason you have for getting into running there are certain steps that you should follow to avoid injury or loss of interest. You may be somebody who has decided to take up running late in life to get fit, or you might be a youth who wants to take up running competitively, this blog will help to…

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