1.    Club colours must be worn by first claim runners to be eligible for Grand Prix points.

(Possible exceptions:  Pre notified Charity Run / New member no kit / Regular runner mislaid kit)


2.    A  paid up second claim member will be eligible to compete in the Roadhogs Grand Prix if they so wish but  they must notify the Grand Prix Co-ordinator/s before the first road race of the season in order to be entered into the competition.


3.    GP points will only be awarded to fully paid up Roadhogs who have entered an event in their own name.


4.    Categories

a)    Men (Seniors and Vets)

b)    Women (Seniors and Vets)


Age at the season’s first race will determine eligibility for vets category


5.    Nominated races Fall into seven categories:


a)    Two nominated Rother Valley Park Run performances

b)    Five 10Ks

c)    Three 10 mile races

d)    Three Half Marathons

e)    Three ‘Virtual’ Full Marathons

f)     Seven Trail Races

g)    Three Fell Races


6.    Park Runs - only at Rother Valley this year

a)    For this year Grand Prix park run points will be awarded according to your best age grade percentage over two (2) specified dates. 

b)    For each park run that you do the results show an age grade percentage – basically the higher the percentage the better your time is for your age

c)    If you run both park Runs on the specified dates your best age grade percentage will count.

d)    If you can only run one of the dates then this age grade percentage will count. 


7.    The maximum 40 points will be awarded to the runner with the highest age grade percentage, then 39 points to the 2nd highest and so on.


8.    Marathons - scored on a 'Virtual' basis. 

a)    Any marathon in each four month period of the year scored by time against others in your category.

b)    Anybody running a Marathon must notify the Grand Prix Co-ordinators (Andrew Lewis or Steve Thorpe) prior to or within a few days after the end of the four month Virtual Marathon period (The GP league table will be published approximately 3 days after the period ends)


9.    If a race is cancelled an alternative will be picked if practicable


10. Eight best scores over the season count for scoring purposes.  In the event of a tie:

a)    Best head to head results take precedence (ie Runner who has finished ahead of rival most times)

If still equal

b)    Highest number of races run (i.e. Runner completing highest number of Grand Prix events in the season)

If still equal

c)    Highest number of categories run (eg Runner competing in a race from all seven categories takes precedence over runner competing in six or less)

If still equal

d)    God must have decreed a draw!!!


11. First Roadhog in each race will score 40 points, second 39, third 38 etc.


12. Position points will be awarded based on finishing position on the day.


13. Personal Bests (PB’s)

a)    Five extra points for a PB - Only one PB per road distance is allowed in a year

b)    For PBs to come into effect, the distance must have been run in a previous year

(Grand Prix event and points will be awarded against chip times where available)

c)    PBs may be reset at reaching age 50 / 60 etc for men

d)    PBs may be reset at reaching age 35 / 45 etc for women

e)    Anyone beating their previous age category PB will also be awarded PB bonus points

f)     Club runners going from Seniors to Vets may reset their PBs in their first year as a Vet.


14. Eleven (11) extra points to be awarded for competing in three (3) of the Inter Club Cross-Country Events, seven (7) points for two (2) events and three (3) points for one (1) event

15. The Grand Prix co-ordinator will make decisions on any dispute with regard to rules or eligibility.  Individuals have a right of appeal to the Committee.